LSW supporters and associates

Longstrip Wildlife has been fortunate to develop an amazing network of people that help make this project work. Longstrip Wildlife shows it's appreciation to all of these people, and would like to help you get to know them too.

The Environment Now

Without The Environment Now's support and funding, Longstrip Wildlife would not exist! The Environment Now is an O2’s Go Think Big programme which funded 50 young people aged 17-24 with a grant of £10,000 to tackle environmental issues using digital solutions.

The funding and support from The Environment Now runs on a 10 month assignment, however the level of support that is offered, and the friendliness of the staff, is amazing! I'm very confident that the support from the team will continue after the 10 month period has ended.

The Environment Now has also assigned each project leader with a mentor from O2, who have been able to assist in more specific areas that we may need. This has been a great chance to network and share ideas on a regular basis.

The Environment Now is funded by O2 and the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund through the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.

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Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire & Ignite

VANEL logo

VANEL & Ignite helped get Longstrip Wildlife off the ground by helping to organise meetings with some of our other contacts and by pointing me in the direction of the funding bid for The Environment Now.

VANEL & Ignite have also been a great help when organising events. Our first event in April 2018 was heavily supported by the Ignite team who supplied volunteers and the training to complete the necessary forms.

Ignite have continued to show their support by offering Longstrip Wildlife stands at their future events, offering more training in many areas, and helping to make even more network connections!

Humber Conservation Volunteers


The HCV is a charity based organisation that regularly work on woodlands and nature reserves to help the conservation of nature whilst also making the areas enjoyable to the public.

HCV have supported us by sharing their knowledge and expertise on woodland conservation. They have also supplied us with a list of potential locations to develop the app for in the future.

Members of the HCV have supported our previous events by coming along and taking part in our activities and they will always recieve an invitation to our future events.

Pipes Away

Pipes Away logo

Pipes Away is another project funded by The Environment Now and based locally. Pipes Away is a Virtually Reality experience that educates users how to treat their sewers as research has found that over 6% of coastal pollution is made up of sewage.

Pipes Away has very similar aims and methods as Longstrip Wildlife and so we often collaborate when we can. Pipes Away have also offered places at their events to us and we aim to make sure they have a place at our events too. When this is not possible we will do our best to spread the Pipes Away message alongside our own.