LSW Outline

Longstrip Wildlife aims to make a mobile app that helps you connect with your local environment. The app will firstly be built for Android devices before later being introduced to Apple devices too.

App Preview

The app will allow you to access our database on all living things in your area. You'll be able to discover all of the species that are around you from animals to protozoa. Whilst viewing this data you'll be able to add your own sightings to improve our database. This feature will be available in both the mobile app and the website should you choose to use your own photography equipment.

To submit a sighting you will need to create an account with us which will have a competitive insentive behind it. Everytime one of your submissions is successfully added to our database you will be rewarded with experience to your account to gain a higher level. Will you manage to get a higher level than your friends?

The app will also help to educate users on how to protect their local environment. You can read our regular updates in the app or on the website which will focus on seasonal events and general care for the environment. We will also provide educational packs that can teach all ages something new.

If you do find an issue in your area that could be effecting the environment (such as littering, animal fouling, river pollution) you will be able to find a list of your local services that can be contacted. By working together we can protect all of the species that need a healthy environment to thrive.

Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Get Sick

Longstrip Wildlife attend regular events in Lincolnshire to promote good environmental practise and raise awareness on many different issues. Our most recent event focused on marine care through litter picks, educational packs, and painted rock hide and seek. We feel that the rock hide and seek raises awareness of the effect of littering as the activity gets you looking more closely at what's around you. It also has great benefits for mental health as painting and walking are very therapeutic.

Rock Painting
Rock Painting
Rock Painting